Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Freddy Kruger Food Safety Bill HR2749 Returns

This is truely a Nightmare for Main Street America!

I'm not one for horror movies.

Just when you think the bad guy is deader-than-a-doorknob, he jumps back up and slashes away.

Same goes for House legislation bill HR 2749 "Food Safety" Enhancement Act of 2009.

Bill sponsors tried to rush this bill through. They asked for "special rules", that are usually preserved for items of little import - like naming post offices. With special rules they only needed 2/3 vote or 286 of the 430 possible. They failed.

So, HR2749 Died. We cried "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead"

But, then, the creepy music started back, and we find now, the HR2749 is still alive.

Yes, having failed miserably at their fast-track strategy, Bill Sponors now want to introduce it again on Thursday, under "regular rules" where it would only need to win by majority vote.

Don't leave your seats for the snackbar now. Popcorn will have to wait.

Use these devices to drive a steak into the heart of this Freddy Kruger Food Safety Bill.

Invoke the 4 P's.

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